The success of your book in large part depends on your book distributors. Without their efforts, you will unable to handle book distribution quickly, or get your book into faraway markets. Here are a few tips for dealing with book distributors and increasing your sales:

1. Motivate them

Because distributors have hundreds of new books to handle every month, it is hard to get them excited about every title. One unique way to increase your book distribution is to offer prizes to the sales representative. For example, you can offer a free DVD player to whoever sells the most books for you.

This method can give sales reps an incentive to sell your book. The distributing company will be happy, since they get a portion of your book sales and are not putting up the prize. Now, they have an interest in pushing your book forward, ahead of the dozen or two other titles they are selling at the same time.

2. Motivate the bookstores

You can also offer prizes to the bookstores that order the most copies of your book. One way to offer an incentive for the bookstores is to offer a prize drawing to any store that orders over a certain number of books. If you work it right, you may even be able to get a sponsor to donate the prize.

3. Print bookmarks

Bookmarks aren’t necessarily the best way to increase your book distribution, because many people are doing it now. However, stores can still put your bookmarks on the counter, where it will be visible to all customers.

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