Before you even begin writing your book you need to start forming a strategy to market your book – a book marketing plan. Writing a book is a large investment of time, energy, effort and money, and so it’s critical that you don’t set out on this path without a good plan.

Planning is Essential in Your Strategy to Market Your Book

Before you even begin putting together the details of your marketing plan, you will have to give careful thought to a number of important factors. For instance, you need to determine what your book is about, who your potential readers are, what other books are available that are similar to yours or different than your own. This essentially defines your target market.

Once you have defined your market, you need to make sure that your book addresses what your audience is most concerned about or interested in. Put together an outline of your chapters and make sure that the direction of your book holds true to what your audience wants.

With this more clearly spelled out, you can start mapping out strategies for marketing your book. Having a book marketing plan will aid you in writing a much better book before you even begin writing. The choices you make when determining how to market and promote your book will ultimately determine the success of your newly published book.

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