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Welcome to Highland House, Australia’s Premier Scottish Outlet

Do you dream of soaking in the rich green beauty of the Scottish countryside or listening to the sound of the bagpipes playing old tunes? Even for those that weren't born Scottish, there is something about the Scottish culture that awakens their inner mystic. Now, you can bring the rich history and deep love of life that embodies Scottish culture into your home with the help of the Brisbane based, Highland House, the leading Scottish outlet and gift store.

Highland House offers an array of Scottish gifts including traditional Scottish clothing, original Scottish music and musical instruments, beautifully designed Scottish jewellery, books about Scottish culture and history, and so much more.

  • Bringing the Traditions and Culture of Scotland Right Here to Australia

    Highland House is an established family owned and family run business. We’ve been providing our customers with authentic Scottish kilts, jackets, other clothing and gifts since 1972. Our commitment to the Scottish tradition and culture has led us to become one of the largest sellers of Scottish gear and gifts in all of Australia.

    Today Highland House is proud to be one of the few Scottish Outlets carrying a vast array of genuine Scottish outfits, gifts, jewellery, music and genuine Scottish foods, from the luxurious to the necessary, for everyone who shares our love of Scotland to enjoy.

  • Clothing

    Long a symbol of national and family pride, kilts have come to be seen around the world as a symbol of Scottish culture and tradition in general.

    Highland House is proud to offer a large selection of Scottish kilts, regalia and other Scottish clothing for both men and women. Our kilts, jackets and other Highland wear are made from pure wool and incorporate traditional Scottish craftsmanship. If you want an authentic Scottish outfit, we have precisely what you are looking for.

  • Instruments & Music

    In the Scottish tradition singing, dancing, and making music are as important as breathing. It only makes sense that the music of Scotland is unlike any other music around the world. If you love Scottish music and Scottish dancing, then you’ll love our Scottish music collections and genuine Scottish instruments.

    We sell quality Scottish bagpipes and drums, as well as bagpipe and drum accessories. So whether you already know how to play, or are planning on taking up in the footsteps of the great Scottish music makers, you can take the first step by purchasing your quality Scottish musical instruments and music from Highland House.

  • Gifts

    Do you need a unique gift to show that special someone in your life just how much you care? Are you Scottish yourself and love to share your culture with your loved ones in exciting ways? No matter what your reason is for wanting to bring a little (or a lot) of Scotland to your friends and family, Highland House can help.

    Our extensive array of Scottish gifts makes us the largest Scottish Outlet in the country. Be sure to check out our full catalogue for a gift that is sure to impress even the most discerning recipient.

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